null Urban Fabric is the UAE‘s leading livable cities blog.

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Vision: Urban Fabric seeks for Arabian Gulf cities to best preserve and create rich neighborhood-based “urban fabric,” encouraging strong communities built through placemaking.

Mission: Since 2010, Urban Fabric has provided in-depth analysis through a variety of media on the astounding growth of cities in the Arabian Gulf and the wider MENA region, focussing on urban planning, architecture and transportation trends.

The blog emphasizes the values of “New Urbanism,” including livable streets, population diversity, transit-oriented development, and human-scaled public space.

Urban Fabric creates a dialogue between the Arabian Gulf and leading global cities (where the author has lived), especially Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Philadelphia, New York, London and Paris.

In 2013, Urban Fabric launched the architect profile series “Behind the Blueprints.” In 2014, Urban Fabric has launched the annual “Urban Compass” predictions of key urban trends in the UAE, and will present the multimedia travel series “Podcast Postcards.”

Header pictures Copyright (©) Steve Baron. … Logo font is Urban Jungle via FontSpace and Theme is TwentyEleven.


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