Abu Dhabi: Curbing landfill waste and dumping, Dubai’s 2020 Master Plan, New Cruise Ship Terminal

With the grim news that the GCC is very polluted (Construction Week) due to oil drilling and construction, it’s perhaps no surprise that the UAE is looking to drastically reduce its waste and improve sustainability.

There have been 23 cases of illegal dumping in past three months. / Image via Construction Week.

The country hopes to divert 90 percent of its waste in six years , and has cut down on illegal dumping by smartly placing GPS tags on dump trucks. (Construction Week)

Despite there being $185 billion in GCC road projects, mass transit investment does seem to be catching on, spurred by Dubai’s metro and plans to expand it for their 2020 Master Plan. (Construction Week) By 2020, Dubai’s population is expected to grow from 2 million to 3 million. (DSC [PDF])

Why so much focus on transit? Perhaps because Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council apparently has a large staff from transit-friendly cities of Seattle and Vancouver. (Vancouver Sun) Cairo could learn from this, as the city’s streets are at quadruple capacity. (World Architecture News)

Abu Dhabi's new cruise ship terminal. / Image via Abu Dhabi Week.

Elsewhere in the region…
Abu Dhabi is getting a new cruise ship terminal. (ADW)

Doha, Qatar’s $1.4 billion Festival City — for the 2022 World Cup — is starting construction. (Construction Week). The city is also getting a new port, slated for 2016.

Oman quietly is improving its infrastructure — ports, roads, rail and hospitals…with more resorts likely coming. (Construction Week)


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